Military Grade Custom Encrypted Drive

The Clients Encrypted Thumb Drive is set with a USERNAME / PASSWORD set by the Client themselves.  No Documentation is made of this, and ONLY the Client can Access once delivered.  The Interior layout of the Thumb Drive is straight-forward and an example is given here.

On-Site Photography

ALL Photography is done On-Site for Security & Privacy Purposes for the Client.  *PLEASE NOTE* ~  EVERY SINGLE FIREARM in the Website gallery has been pre-approved for marketing purposes from specific Clients, and ALL SERIAL #’s or identifiable markings removed in Post.  The Clients Security & Privacy is Paramount!

Inventory Cataloging

All Firearms Photographed are Cataloged by Genre.  Each firearm is documented in comprehensive fashion to include:   Genre / Make / Model / Caliber / Serial # / etc.   Additionally all accessories attached to the firearm are documented.  Providing the Client with 100% accountability of ownership.

Privacy & Security

  Client Provided with Military Grade Custom Encrypted Thumb Drive within 72 Hours of Shoot Date, to include: 1) Photos of All Firearms 2) Comprehensive Inventory List